Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Photographing people has been a fairly recent thing. I am trying my hands at it, and liking it too. Here are few clicks.

If I were to caption this picture, I'd call it 'thinking woman'. I like the intensity in the girl's face. I feel the picture portrays strength, courage, and intellect. I wish I could avoid the noise in the background and the foreground.

I like the curious eyes, and the messy hair. But for my disappointment, the mother of the kid found out soon that I was clicking pictures of her daughter, and promptly dressed up the kid, burying all the charm under talcum powder and neat hair.

Yes, the guy is a looker. He's the only one who manages to look cute and handsome at the same time.

I like the dreamy eyes, specially when I know that this girl, daughter of Srilankan refugee parents, dreams of becoming a doctor. Hope her dreams come true.

This is when I learnt to take black-n-white pictures in my camera. Nemo is a real sweet kid.

ps: all these pictures are taken from real far and none of the subjects were aware that they were being clicked.


Smitha T T said...

make few more experiments with Black and white. Its not as good as your other photos.
nemo looks too good though. but clarity is not that good

Shrilatha Puthi said...

yes, u r right.. i got to do that.

Ramya said...

good to see you blogging again. i think these ppl are going to sue you soon ;)

Shrilatha Puthi said...

hey ramya..nice to see u here! i have to catch up with whole lot of posts in ur blog. btw, let me tell u.. all these ppl are pretty happy to be featured in my famous blog :)

Vinutha N said...

I like this post , Shri ! I liked the captions more and liked the pics even more !Probably , U are on er way to bcum a photoblogger !
Keep Rocking :)

bhadra said...

wonderful pics :) - pen one poem each on the pics - it would still pleasing :)

gurudEva dayaa karo deena jane

deepocean said...

Hey...good stuff. Nemo getting featured here without her mom's permission (actually dad in this case) is accepted. :) I liked the pics. I too can model for these kinds ;)