Friday, September 23, 2005

are you going home?

"Are you going home this weekend?” my colleague asked me.

"No", I answered and went back to whatever I was doing.

But, I am going home this weekend. I go home everyday.

Yeah, I know. She was asking whether I am going to my hometown. But then, why only that home in my hometown is my home? What is the place I am living here in Bangalore called?

According to a good friend of mine, a home is a place where people living in it care for each other. And I couldn’t have agreed with that statement more.

Now it's time for me to go home..

Monday, September 12, 2005

another world

It's another working day (no, am not going to rant about Monday blues and all that here). I got ready & headed towards office..only to get stuck in the traffic jam.

I got restless as vehicles moved in snail's speed. I consoled myself by thinking that it's God's way to teach me 'patience' (that's why i don't like God, he should find out better ways of teaching me). Then, I saw a boy.. selling magazines & stuff. Seeing him, I got enlightened!!

That traffic jam is actually helping that boy earn his living! (positive thinking and all that). Then I saw many of them - selling pens, sunglasses, handsfrees, earbuds, toys, laundry bags & what not..

They all must be really thanking whatever caused that traffic jam.

I also saw another category - beggars. Since I travel in that route everyday, I have studied them so much that I can write a Ph.D. thesis on them! Small boys who are 'acting' lame, women wearing oh-so-misearable look on their faces, babies they carry, the feeding bottle(essentially empty) they show to you, the bandage on the babies foreheads & the blood spot on it(suprisingly all the babies get hurt only on head).. I wonder what they are trying to do...act smart? fool people? earn a living? what?

All these people also must be thanking whatever caused that traffic jam!!

Then, the rickshaw I was in slowly moved out & I got freed from that world..