Sunday, April 16, 2006

the song on friday morning

Another Friday morning here in Tehran (now don't think that morning means 8 am, no.. for me morning is 11.30 am on holidays). Sipping hot cup of coffee while admiring my own coffee-making skills, I was getting mentally prepared for the extensive cleaning job I was about to do. The house was dirty n needed some labour & attention.

As I started my work, it struck to me that I need some entertainment. I can't rely on TV for entertainment here, I can only watch BBC news in TV. So I plugged in my laptop thinking that I cud play some songs. Feeling lazy to take the cable off the telephone n connect it to laptop to connect to the net, I thought of managing without Kavitha, my favorite singer. So I searched for music in my hard-disk. One of my colleagues had copied some songs in my hard-disk, but I had never bothered to play those songs all these days.

I pressed Ctrl+A and clicked play button, increased the volume to max (so that I cud listen to the music in all the rooms) and went ahead with the cleaning work.

The first song started.. and I was... I don't know what i felt at that very moment. It was Rajkumar chanting "Poojyaaya Raghavendraaya". Rajkumar, who had been laid to rest just the previous evening back in Bangalore.

Whoever said he died? He was fully alive in my flat with that Raghavendra Bhakthigeethe that morning. In fact, artists worth remembering never die.

If only 'abhimaani devarugaLu' in Bangalore who turned the whole situation so violent the previous evening knew this truth...


Subha said...

Well said.. Shri! Infact that evening I was trying to get an auto to Majestic - the auto guy pleaded to me and said "Madam dayabittu busla hogi" - due to the violence! And there were no buses running as well. That was a terrible communal shock!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was "abhimani devarugaLu" who started voilence. it was a group who make use of such occasion to start voilence.

The number of fans who arrived at that place was huge . so if it was them then whole B'lore would have burnt with thier voilence.

But only thing sad is just because we love a person , we don't allow the familiy members to do thier part of duty( annavra makkalu rituals maadlikke aaglilla).

we are here from infinite time and will be there infinite time, only physical body changes :-) got it shri where I learnt this?


Anonymous said...

Hey Shri! you dint get these SMS I guess... enjoy!

With all due respect to our beloved Annavru and his 'Abhimani Devarugalu'.

Our Annavru singing in Heaven!
Janarinda naanu mele bande....
8 janarannu naanu nanna jote kare tande!

Our Annavru sent this sweet msg to all his 'Abhimani Devarugalu'
Kannada kalabhimanigale...!
Naanu illi surakshitavagi swarga talupiddene. Nanna jote kalpana, Manjula ella idare.. Verappanavru idare (now we know, Veeru too enjoying his stay in Heaven)
Paaru nindenu urgentilla...
Leelu ninagagi kayutiruve!

Shrilatha Puthi said...

that's too hilariuos leena, thanks for sharing...