Saturday, April 22, 2006

i wonder..

Aish got hurt again, that too in our Karnataka (hers n mine). So sad it feels; she got SCRATCH WOUNDS on THREE of her fingers it seems, what a pity!!!

Okay, fine. Let me be serious. I really wonder what this lady feels about over-the-top publicity she gets. Does she get irritated? She really must be. Don’t know what affinity media has got with her. Does she feel "why only me?" Does she feel like screaming "leave me alone..." in loudest of her voice? Or does she enjoy the publicity secretly? They say any publicity is good publicity for celebrities.

I really wanna know what she thinks about all this. If you happen to venture to Baagalkot pls ask her and tell me.


Anonymous said...

You know I studied in BEC Bagalkot.
How partial media can be, I was never in news, but aish fell down from a cycle, not even scooter/car and she is in news.
devru mediadavarige oLLe buddi kodli

Anonymous said...

They can't do with too less of it nor they can withstand the pressure with so much of it!
Poor Aish :(