Tuesday, January 10, 2006

bangalore to bangalore

I was more-than excited about my maiden flight experience. It was December 23rd, 2005. The flight was at 16.00 hrs; Jet Airways, flight no. 9W-816; Bangalore to Delhi.

That afternoon I said big-time bye to people at office, as I was going on a loooooong holiday! They were having Christmas celebrations at office that day, I was going to miss it, by I didn't mind, all I was thinking about was my first-flight!!

I was supposed to meet some people over lunch that afternoon, so I left office by 1.15 pm. with all my baggage, since the meeting was at a restaurant in Airport Road I had thought of going to airport directly after that lunch n meeting.

As I was finishing lunch I got a call on mobile phone, it was from Jet Airways office. My flight was delayed by 4 hours!! The flight was now scheduled at 20.10 hrs. So, I went back to office. Though I was sad that flight got delayed I was lil' happy that I could take part in Xmas celebrations at office! (Seeing the glass half-full u see)...

At 6.45 pm I left for the airport again, this time little conscious that the flight may get delayed again. On the way I called the Jet Airways help-desk, and yes, the flight was further delayed. It was to depart at 9.45 pm. I called my cousin at Delhi, who was to receive me. I was concerned about her that she had to come late at night to receive me.

Finally, at 9.30 we were called in for security check. I messaged my cousin that I am going in for security check. The flight started moving by 10 pm. I was very fascinated and enjoying everything!! There...the aircraft left the earth & plunged into the sky!! My heart stopped for a moment when it took off!!

Then the usual things: the welcome drink, dinner, etc etc... but one thing here, they were serving buttermilk, orange juice & only one soft-drink! And most of the passengers were opting for buttermilk. Healthy practices on the go...

By 12.30 we were almost over Delhi city. Then came the captain's announcement: Due to fog, the aircraft is having problems landing at Delhi airport; anyways he’s going to try n wait for some more time.

After 20 minutes of hollering around, the fog was still not cleared. Captain announced that we were flying back to Bangalore. They couldn't even land in nearby airport as all the airports were full. That day was major trouble for airline companies!

Two and a half hours of journey back, and we were in our very own Bangalore at 3.00 AM in the morning. Jet Airways was nice enough to give discount vouchers worth Rs. 1500 (which I encashed & got hard cash :-)) and residence drop for the localite passengers, and hotel accommodation to non-localites.

Thus my first-flight was eventful & memorable. All I got was a free air-ride for 5 hrs. Courtesy: foggy Delhi, co-sponsor: Jet Airways.

ps: I went to Delhi the next day.

pps: Why I went to Delhi? Watch this space...


Anonymous said...

Hey shri,

Thats really nice narraition.

Why did your hear stop? u thought captain took off ur heart. no baby captain took off only 9w-816.

what a co-incidence, my first flight was also a Jet airway and the destination too was Delhi. Difference is it was last year and our flight wasn't delayed.

But our flight from delhi was cancelled.

So you paid 6k to come to Bangalore from Bangalore. Good going gal :-)
Keeep it up


Anonymous said...

Hey dudette...

That's an amazing experience. How I wish I too was part of such an eventful moment. 5 hours in the foggy sky sounds so enthralling. Good sense of humour on courtesy and co-sponsor terms. Enjoyed reading.

Anonymous said...


Not only she paid 6k to fly, she managed to come back to Bangalore for free and also got Rs.1.5K worth coupons. :))) Bonus mele bonus ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shri, Bombat experience and sakkat narration..

really enjoyed reading your blog..

WOW! bonus mele bonus.. ee kushili party agbekallwa.. otherwise whatz the use of 'Hard Cash' ;)

Waiting to