Friday, December 09, 2005

the poem, the song, the melody

Yes, I am talking about my favorite singer Kavitha Krishnamurthy Subramaniam...

I was listening to her live in an interview on radio. And am feeling great about that! This lady rocks!! Even when she speaks it's like honey dripping out from her voice!!

I have these strange strong fanatic emotions for Kavitha. Her songs work as medicine for me when my mood is not upto the mark (for that matter any good music does that to you, but I told u, I am an ardent kavitha fan). She brings a smile on my face even in my worst-of-the-worst mood..

Right now I listened to my singer for full 3 hours and it was a feast!!!

Thank you Kavitha, you made my day.. and I know you will continue making many more of my days with your super, fantabulous, sweet (running out of adjectives here) voice :-)


Anonymous said...

Cool Sri.
Actually u have typed my words.
Kavitha is superb.

Anonymous said...

woooooooow! what a coincidence, you typed my words too ;))

Shri, please do write about our future KKMS, according to me itz Shreya Ghosal. I have seen same honey dripping from her mouth :))))

Shrilatha Puthi said...

wow!! i didn't know that there are these many members in kavitha-fan association!!

yes, shreya ghoshal is equally good a singer. but i didn't get what KKMS is..

Anonymous said...

:)) thatz how I call my fav singer KKMS - Kavitha KrishnaMurthy Subramaniam

Anonymous said...

Me too a fan of KKMS. And I like Shreya Ghosal too. The difference is KKMS has walked a long way now. And Shreya has just begined her walk.
Am sure down the line you will get up early to listen to Shreya on RC:-)