Monday, September 12, 2005

another world

It's another working day (no, am not going to rant about Monday blues and all that here). I got ready & headed towards office..only to get stuck in the traffic jam.

I got restless as vehicles moved in snail's speed. I consoled myself by thinking that it's God's way to teach me 'patience' (that's why i don't like God, he should find out better ways of teaching me). Then, I saw a boy.. selling magazines & stuff. Seeing him, I got enlightened!!

That traffic jam is actually helping that boy earn his living! (positive thinking and all that). Then I saw many of them - selling pens, sunglasses, handsfrees, earbuds, toys, laundry bags & what not..

They all must be really thanking whatever caused that traffic jam.

I also saw another category - beggars. Since I travel in that route everyday, I have studied them so much that I can write a Ph.D. thesis on them! Small boys who are 'acting' lame, women wearing oh-so-misearable look on their faces, babies they carry, the feeding bottle(essentially empty) they show to you, the bandage on the babies foreheads & the blood spot on it(suprisingly all the babies get hurt only on head).. I wonder what they are trying to do...act smart? fool people? earn a living? what?

All these people also must be thanking whatever caused that traffic jam!!

Then, the rickshaw I was in slowly moved out & I got freed from that world..


Anonymous said...

Hi Shri,

Nice read.. keep writing and keep enlightening us about all the worlds you vist :)


Shrilatha Puthi said...

thanks leena, but don't load me with words like 'enlighten'. iam too "small" to do that.. :)

Anonymous said...

hey Shri..

I like that "thought" of positive thinking. Sure, the scene is depressing. I guess it all depends on the mood we are in at any given point in time. If I'm happy and I see something like this, I may smile at it. If I'm sad and see a wearing this pathetic looks, sure it would depress me even more. I may end up walking towards himalayas then afterwards if himalayas is not too far. :)