Thursday, August 11, 2005

small is silly?

"Think Big". That's what we all have been taught..all thru the years. Think big, dream big, see big..then only you will become BIG SHOT. Bada socho, bada aadmi bano. Good, I couldn't have agreed with you more.

But..wait. I have something else to tell you too. About small things. Small things in life bring us joy, small things hurt us too. Isn't it?

Well, In this space Iam going to write about all these small things which I feel like writing about.

So, here I am, with the slogan "Small is beautiful". Is it silly? Is it stupid? Let's see..


Anonymous said...

Your blog title ("THINK SMALL") is in uppercase letters. Why not in small letters, i mean lowercase? ("think small").

small is beautiful!
Big is dutyful!!

Anonymous said...

I completeley agree with SJ :) sometimes small things too can become about raising kids ;)