Monday, November 26, 2007


ScienceWoman has promised that she will send a gift for me. I'm pretty fascinated about this; with the idea that someone I haven't even met is going to send a gift for me all the way from the US.

You can get a gift too. here's is how:

Within 3 months, I will send a tangible, physical gift to each of the first five people to comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog.
I feel this is very interesting chain. Hope you find it interesting too.


Subha said...

There you go! Looks like Iam the first one!

Smitha T T said...

I guess i have already got my gift . U know it right

Hema said...

Is comment a gift! then sure you get the second one here.!

Ramya said...

here is a comment;)