Tuesday, July 24, 2007

small things

Great things come in small packages, they say. I do agree with that when I see bonsai plants. They look very cute; I feel they are one of the best craft works.

I'm in love with these tiny beauties for quite sometime now. They even figure in my dream-home. When I read about a bonsai garden in some ashram in Mysore while searching for info and planning Mysore tour, I insisted we go there. We did go there, and I loved it.

Here are few pictures.

Can you see sapota fruits in this tree?

Big banyan tree :)

What's more beautiful? Flowers or the tree?


Smitha T T said...

I dream about a jackfriut and mango bonsai tree in my home

Anonymous said...

kannaDada para chintane, charche, hot discussions
ella ee hosa blog alloo nadeetide. illoo bhAgavahisONa banni !


- KattEvu kannaDada naaDa, kai joDisu baara !