Friday, May 25, 2007

boss is leaving

.. and it's not good news for me. Though I am relatively new in my current workplace, I liked my boss here. He's my type. I don't like people who go on preaching how you should be there on time, should not take leaves, and such boring things just because those are rules. And this boss was cool about all these things. I even liked the way he took my interview (may be because he selected me ;)). Jokes apart, many small companies who are hiring technical writer for the first time wouldn't know what to do with them. But this one was different, he knew what he wanted from the candidate. Even after I came on board, I liked the way he got work done from me.

He has got super-cool attitude, has very good sense of humor, and is typical intellectual-looking Bengali guy. One more interesting thing is he used to keep a jar of candies on his desk and offer those candies to people who went to meet him. It's really a sweet idea, I'm gonna try it.

I'm going to miss the boss (though it's very rare that a boss will ever be missed).

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Smitha T T said...

Ha ha Shri,
you will miss boss/ candies?

I guess I would have missed the candies :-)