Wednesday, March 28, 2007

k.a.n.k., and related thoughts

I watched KANK in TV recently, having missed it when got released. Many people had told me that it was a bad movie. But it was not all that bad, it’s an okay movie if u ask me. It should have been edited better; it got dragging at times.

Well, I am not doing a review of the movie. What held my interest is the subject of the movie. I thought it was interesting subject.

Relationships are most important part of life (I am talking generally, not the kind of relationship Dev & Maya had ;-)). Because we like being with people; we don’t like being alone; we are social animals; we love to be loved.

Basically relationships make us happier, or we think so. But many times we end up being in relationships just for the sake of it. Why? Every time we enter into any sort of relationship we hope that it’s going to be a great one. We may not think the same way after sometime though. Because we all keep changing; our requirements, and our specifications change by time too. I feel we need to do periodical reviews of relationships we have. I have this habit of going thru my phonebook once-in-a-while, and I delete the numbers I don’t require. I know it’s a bad example, but I feel we need to do something similar when it comes to our relationships. It might not be easy & simple if the relationship is something like marriage. But we can always do it in boy-girl relationships, and in friendships. You don’t get to choose your family, your enemies, and your boss. But you get to choose all other relationships you are going to have; and you get to keep them or throw them as you like. What’s the point in keeping an uncomfortable relationship, when the basic purpose of relationship is to make u happier?

On a same-yet-different viewpoint, relationships are not one-time process. We need to work on them every day to keep them alive. If your relationship fails, it’s 50% fault of yours. It’s your failure if you decide to throw a relationship off the window. We always tend to blame the ‘other person’; but remember, the ‘other person’ is going to blame you just the same.

* * * *

Coming back to KANK, they have portrayed that the couples were different from each other, their interests didn’t match; and that’s the reason their marriages didn’t work. I don't agree with that. People can have good relationship in spite of being ‘different’. It’s just that you need to give enough space for the other person to breathe his/her own air.

I also thought that Preity Zinta’s character was painted a bit of gray, which was not required. Being career-oriented is not bad, specially when your husband is unemployed.


ಸುಪ್ತದೀಪ್ತಿ suptadeepti said...

Yes, I agree with your views, about relationships in general and about KANK.

I recently thought of a sentence: "Any relationship is a balancing act" and this is true for both the parties involved in that relationship. It is not only wife who has to compromise or only husband who has to be 'the provider' in a family. It is not only one friend who is the support to the other one at all the time. If the sense of 'mutual companionship' is understood, any relationship, be it family or friends, will be on a long term and happy one.

Chevar said...

Hello srilatha, when i pass my friend Venu's blog I found your link. As you discussed in the post, the example of Deleting contacts is a very good idea. But is it easy to end a good healthy relationship? I dont think so... We are making so many promises in the college days about friendships. But those who are accepting promises are not ready to fulfill that. Why it happens, Some may say work pressure and other saying BUSY. Whatever may be the case they should ready to sacrifice for a relationship. at least if they cant do that why the hell they are talking about relationship.

Anyway, i got another blogger. Go through my blog. And by the by i want to give a link to your blog. Please confirm it.....

Shrilatha Puthi said...

jyothi: nice thoughts...

mahesh: i get what u r trying to say. but i guess many oft hem dont mean when they those promises. for example, in the workplaces that i've been, ppl send 'goodbye-keep-in-touch' mails when they leave. do they really mean it? are they going to keep in touch with all 200+ ppl? the answer is 'no'. they do it just for the sake of it; b'cos the others do it.

Anonymous said...

hum shri, removing contact is eassy if you really know you don't want :-)
but when it comes to relation, I agree with your saying we need to water to keep the relation greener.

I haven't seen KANK, I may see or may not see.
You are right one among husband /wife need to be career oriented for thier survival.