Friday, July 28, 2006

to be smart or not to be..

‘Avru tumba smart aagiddaare kaNe!’ the heroin of Kannada movies wud boast n blush with her confidant back in 80s n 90s. Yes, what she meant was that her fella was good-looking, I know. But, it was back then…back then when u were smart, u were good-looking.

The times changed, and so did the meaning of the word ‘smart’! Just a few years back smart meant clever, brainy , n sharp. ‘A smart businessman’ wud be seen in our cities.

But again, the times changed. Nowadays being smart is more of being cunning n shrewd. The statement ‘he’s very smart’ is most of the times u-know-he’s-dangerous types…

Meaning of a word changed over the years & why didn’t anyone tell me so? Or may be it’s time for me to throw that old dictionary n get smart.


Subha said...

Common one is needed to tell you that. You are already one in the "smart" category! :-) btw heroin spells "heroine"!

Anveshi said...

This post is too smart :-)

And Shubha says something about the spelling. But if we watch the new movies, heroines are like heroin :-)


Satish said...

The meaning and usage are two different things! I still believe the 'meaning' of smart did not change, there should be other/similar good-to-bad and bad-to-good transitions.

Anonymous said...

Oh... Words and their meanings! Language is really fun!