Thursday, November 24, 2005

jesus is coming Soon

I was on my way to Chennai a few days back. The train was running a little slow, thanks to heavy rains. I was enjoying the journey though, sitting in a window-seat and watching the picture outside which was lush-green, thanks to rains again.

Soon I saw a rocky hill outside. It was very nice view.. a medium size hill (I guess the right word is hillock), it was looking as if someone has put all those rocks there, one on the other. I silently praised that piece of beauty and told myself "Look, you atheist.. this is what God can do"!!

Then.. there.. someone disturbed me. No, it wasn't TC, it was Jesus!! Ok ok, let me explain. The beautiful rocky things I was watching had turned into hoardings which read "Jesus is coming soon". There were Jesus' pictures painted on them too.

I myself am a big fan of Jesus, but I don't like him indulging on this kind of cheap publicity and spoiling those nice-looking rocks.. :-(

1 comment:

Jolly said...

Nice read and a skillful perception as well. Still, I feel the caption is not justified. :)